The whole family gets ready to Hob Nob & Gobble!

From Left to Right: Neil & Jennifer, Brad & Julie, JoAnne, Eric & their kids Lauren and Adam, Me and Gail, Matthew, Julia and their mom Jill, Jackie & her son Charlie, and finally, Chris & Jessica with their two sons Jack and Preston.

Julia and Matthew, Jill’s kids with “Balloon Boy”.

One of these guys is co-Grand Marshall of Thursdays Parade.  The other one is a clown. 



A thorn between two roses!  Me, between my daughter Jill & my wife Gail.


Watch out ladies… The Boys are in town! 

(Jack, Charlie & Adam) 

Six of the seven grandkids pose with the evening’s headliner and rising star Shontelle!

Jackie and her “date” for the evening, Charlie, pause for a picture before heading off to ride “Ocean Motion”.

Way better than a Cruise Ship! 

“Charlie, are you sure you want to do this… AGAIN?!”

Matthew tries not to be embarrassed posing with his Grandmother and two Aunts!

BCF’s!  (Best Cousins Forever!)

Jessica & her oldest, 9 year old Preston lookin’ good!

Jack, Adam & Lauren ready to ride!!!

Preston & Charlie refuel before heading off to experience “Zero Gravity”.

Adam & Jack: One bite away from being members of “The Clean Plate Club”! 


Elephant Ears… a food, not a comment, on Jackie & Charlie!

Sorry about the glitch… but I think there’s enough to recognize me and Tony Michaels, CEO/President of The Parade Company.  We’re not sure who the guy with the red and white hat is… (Photo courtesy of David L. Malhalab)

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