On Location! On Location! On Location!

Freep.com is reporting that movie stars who come to Detroit to shoot films are looking for cushy homes to stay in and some extra perks. For example, Demi Moore insisted on a place suitable to walk her dog, Hugh Jackman rented a 7 thousand sq. foot home in Franklin, while Richard Gere opted for a downtown condo. 

Justin Bieber’s only request was that his house came with bunk beds and a swingset in the backyard.

Lindsay Lohan wanted something right on the border with Canada so she could get cheaper prescription drugs.

After his appearance on “Detroit 1-8-7”, Big Al has requested a house next to Demi Moore and a pair of binoculars. 

Finally, An Answer To The Riddle… 

Former Monica Conyers aid Sam Riddle was sentenced to 37 months in prison Wednesday for his role in a public corruption scandal.  Monica is currently serving a 37-month sentence for accepting bribes in exchange for her vote in that sludge-hauling deal. 

As a matter of fact, there’s a good chance Monica is hauling sludge around “the yard” even as we speak. 

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, Sam always struck me as, “a Riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”. 

Say It Ain’t So, Joe! 

Veep Joe Biden raised eyebrows at a fundraiser in Minnesota when he said that if one more Republican tells him about balancing the budget, “I am going to strangle them.”  He quickly added, “To the press, that’s a figure of speech”.

President Obama said if Biden says one more stupid thing, “I am going to strangle him”.  He quickly added, “To the press, that IS NOT a figure of speech.”

Speaking of the Vice Presidency…

Rumors are swirling that President Obama may switch Joe Biden to Secretary of State and make Hillary Clinton his running mate in 2012.  The White House has denied it. 

— But Hillary didn’t say anything about making Obama HER Vice-Presidential running mate in 2012. 

Of course, if Obama chooses not to run again, Hillary could run for Commander-in-Chief and make Bill her vice presidential pick… making him the “First Lad”. 

— Bill has good experience in that area, because he’s been a lot of women’s “Firsts”. 

R.I.P. C.H.I.M.P 

Charlie the Smoking Chimp has died at a zoo in South Africa.  Visitors used to toss cigarettes into his cage and he became world famous for smoking them.  Zookeepers tried to keep him from lighting up, but Charlie learned to hide the smokes. 

People would flick cigarettes to him… and Charlie would flip “something else” back at them. 

He’d collect enough for a pack, then roll them up in the hair on his upper arm. 

Charlie once passed one of his lit cigarettes to a baboon in an adjoining cage.  The baboon accidentally sat on it, which finally explains the whole red-butt thing.

His cemetery headstone reads:  “This Monkey Would Have Walked a Mile For a Camel”. 

Bottoms Up! 

A new study found that light drinking during pregnancy did no harm to babies in the long run.  Researchers followed children up to age five and found that those whose moms had one or two drinks a week during their pregnancy, showed no behavioral or intellectual difficulties. 

I guess some mom’s figure since that’s how they got that way, they might as well have a drink or two through the rest of the process. 

But by the third trimester, beer goes from “Tastes Great.  Less Filling”, to “Tastes Great.  More Filling.”

I can see the advertising campaign now… “Breast Feed Your Babies.  Bottle Feed Yourself”.    

A Variety Show-Down 

Donny Osmond’s former manager – the one who rejuvenated his career by getting him a show in Las Vegas – is threatening to write a tell-all book about him.  He claims Donny ripped him off financially and isn’t the nice guy that he’s portrayed himself as. 

I don’t about you, but I’ll be first in line for that book! 

The lawyer for the former manager plans to claim that Donny is, “A little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n roll and a little bit crooked”. 


Have a great day… and here’s a heads up:  Remember the bit we did on the air where Howard Binkpaltonakowski interviewed our then-intern about the band Weezer?  Well, Weezer is back in the headlines and we’ll have the audio of that bit right here tomorrow!  Stay tuned!

- Dick