Where Will The People Going, Go?  

Jon Stewart’s “Rally to Restore Sanity” and Stephen Colbert’s “March to Keep Fear Alive” will be both be held on October 30th on the Washington Mall.  But the crowds may not be too happy when they discover that there will be no bathrooms.  It turns out the Marine Corps. Marathon is also that week and all the 800 port-a-potties have been and will continue to be locked up until their race the next day.  

Why not just use the sidewalks like they do in New York City?

President Obama should just open the White House to the public, just like Abe Lincoln used to do.   

Hey the Woodward Dream Cruise handles it with over a million people attending every year. Maybe they should just call “Scotty’s Potties”.  

***  Click below to hear Big Al playing maitre d at a bank of Scotty’s Potties at the WDC a few years ago!

Porta Potty report 


    Time For A Trip To The Office Supply Store…

After all the books, websites and even a big budget movie about the world ending in 2012 according to the Mayan calender, a new text book says there has been a mistake.  The book argues that the formula used to convert dates from the Mayan to the modern calendar was wrong.  It could be off by as much as 50 to 100 years.    

Good news!  So now we have an extra 50 to 100 years to worry about global warming!  And Islamic terrorism… And the Chinese…  etc., etc., etc.,

The “Eyes” Have It!

Matt Gone of Oregon is running out of space for tattoos on his body.  98% is already covered, even his tongue, so now he’s injecting tattoo ink into his eyeballs. Gone says, “which is about as far as you can go”.  He said, “I’m not crazy.  I’m trained.  I have a lot of experience.”

I’m not trained as a Psychiatrist, but I’m thinking this guy IS crazy!  

He was gonna go with a pair of those colored contact lenses, but he decided that was just too crazy.

More Tattoo News…

Police in Florida arrested 19-year-old Joseph Eric Williams.  He’s been stealing iPhones out of 15 AT&T stores over the past 15 months.  The cop said he was fairly easy to track down due to an identifying mark:  He has the words, “I’m Me” tattooed across his forehead.

“I’m Me”… and he should add, “I’m With Stupid”. 

Today’s Almanac

On this date in 1879 Thomas Edison successfully made the first incandescent lightbulb.  On the same day in 1992, Madonnas “Sex” book was released.

Little did Thomas Edison know that years later, his invention would allow us to peruse her book long after the sun had gone down.  


Congratulations to my daughter JoAnne who has just been promoted to the anchor position on the noon and 5p.m. Channel 7 news!  She will also continue to do her “Don’t Waste Your Money” feature!


Have a great day and we’ll see you back here tomorrow for our Friday Blog…

- Dick 

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