It’s going to get to around 80 degrees today… and 87 tomorrow.

- I don’t know about you but I always love it when we have a little Indian… uhhhhh… I mean “Indigenous People Summer”!

- And speaking of Native Americans… Elizabeth Warren made a campaign stop in Madison Heights Sunday.


PageSix is reporting that Dolly Parton has signed a major book deal.

- It’s a pop up book. Well, two of them actually.


Drivers on I-75 in Auburn Hills got an eyeful Saturday night when an “Adult Film” started playing on one of the electronic billboards.

- For some reason driver’s speeds dropped from 90 to 15.


The Russian Space Program has discovered a drill hole in the International Space Station that was “made by a human”.

- Since there are both Russians and Americans on board… I think we’ve finally uncovered the long-missing COLLUSION!!!


Eddie Murphy told the New York Times that he cringes at his old stand-up material because of how insensitive it was.

- Remember the good old days when comedians didn’t have to be sensitive… They just had to be FUNNY??


The World Health Organization says that this years flu shot may be PROTECTING AGAINST THE WRONG KIND OF FLU.

- Well that’s certainly the feel good story of the day.


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Tuesday!