The printing press first appeared in America for the first time on this day in 1639.

- The first headline read: “Pelosia - Queen of the Dems Seeketh to Banish Donald of Trumpelvania to Stockade For Treasonous Use of Carrier Pigeons for Secret Correspondence with Ukrainian Monarch”.


Alexandria Ocasio Cortez says Trump must be impeached in order to “Save our Democracy”.

- From who?? Her??


Adidas has launched a new fragrance collection called “Culture of Sport” designed to “increase your desire and ability to exercise”.

-My Dad had a “Culture of LACK of Sport” fragrance… It was called “Old Spice”. He wore it every day, didn’t work out once, and lived to be 96.


This past weekend Willie Nelson’s 34th Annual Farm Aid concert raised over $2 Million.

- Or as Willie put it… “Enough to buy 600 Pounds of Weed”.


Kanye West has been attracting over five thousand people to his Sunday Church Service in Wyoming.

- People say the service is great and they just love their free “What Would Kanye Do?” bracelets.


As he completes his first year in Prison, a judge ruled that Bill Cosby IS on the hook for $2.75 Million in unpaid attorney fees.

- Cosby said he lays awake at night worrying about it. If only he had a pill or something to help him sleep.


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