It’s National Rock, Paper, Scissors Day! Remember… Scissors Cut Paper, Rock smashes Scissors, Paper Covers Rock and Cobo Hall is now TCF Center. (I just couldn’t figure out how to work the name change into the blog).


Yesterday, the internet went crazy over a pic of Melania Trump at the G7 Summit in Paris gazing up “romantically” at Canada’s Justin Trudeau.

- First Lady of Canada?? I hope she like’s Hockey!


The Obama’s have reportedly put an almost $15 Million bid on a 7 bedroom house on Martha’s Vineyard.

- Now that’s “Hope and 14 Mil & Change You Can Believe In”.


One new poll shows Joe Biden’s once sizable lead dwindling - and that he’s now in a three way statistical tie with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

- Bernie said, “Now we each have an equal piece of the pie! Socialism at work!” And Elizabeth added, “Hey Joe… Put THAT in your Peace Pipe and smoke it!”


Scientists at Edinburgh University are creating mutant sheep that can help humans fight against disease.

- Ironic! I was just counting mutant sheep last night to get to sleep.


Researchers in Tel Aviv are developing an app that will let people bid on parking spots in crowded cities.

- So now you can easily land any parking spot you want in New York City… except, of course, for the one Alec Baldwin wants.


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Wednesday!