Buffalo Wild Wings is bringing back “Half Off Tuesdays”.

- They’re trying to compete with Hooters “Half Dressed Thursdays”.


Over twenty million people have watched the first Trailer for the upcoming Tom Hanks movie about Mr. Rogers.

- But in keeping with the #MeToo movement, in this movie, all the women in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood file a sexual harassment suit against Mr. McFeely.


New research found that people who eat a lot of spicy food have up to a 50% greater chance of developing dementia.

- Which is bad news for people who eat at Taco Bell since they won’t be able to remember where the bathroom is.


A new study claims that drinking coffee can help you lose weight.

- And if you get that coffee at Starbucks, the weight you lose will be in your wallet.


Russia held its annual “Medieval Times Jousting Festival” on Tuesday.

-It’s a lot like our “Renaissance Festival” but during the battle re-enactments, they actually kill people.


Kim Kardashian’s personal photographer has been accused of trying to bribe a model into sending him naked pictures.

- What an ass.


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