Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he could still run for President if Joe Biden drops out of the race.

- As of this writing Biden is still holding on… to an unidentified woman’s shoulders.


McDonald’s in Australia has apologized for an April Fool’s prank where the company promoted a new burger made from dill chips called “The McPickle.”

- I thought “ McPickle” was Trump’s nickname for Anthony Weiner.


Magician David Blaine is being investigated by the NYPD for making unwanted sexual advances against two women.

- Lucky for David, he can just saw the women in half and make ‘em disappear.


The 70-something members of the group ABBA say they’ll release their new song in the FALL… their first since breaking up 37 years ago.

- I’m betting the song will be called “Gramma-Mia”.

- And Fernando can’t hear the drums because he refuses to wear his hearing aid.


Toyota has unveiled a 6’ 10” basketball playing Artificial Intelligence robot that can shoot three pointers with startling accuracy.

- It’s so famous a robot Kardashian is already dating it.


Poland is building the World’s largest swimming pool. It will be 147 feet deep and longer than 27 football fields.

- That’s not a POOL… It’s a COUNTRY!

- I don’t care how deep or long it is, kids are still going to drive their Polish parents crazy playing “Stash-O Polo”.


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Thursday!


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