Scientists say they’ve found evidence of a previously UNKNOWN HUMAN SPECIES that lived about 50,000 years ago.

- They’re 4 feet tall, have small chins but otherwise look a lot like Michael Moore.


Pam Anderson is upset because her “boyfriend” - Wikileaks founder Julian Assange - was arrested in London this morning for government computer hacking.

- Pam said she’s “running to his side”… but the way Pam runs, she won’t get there until a week from Monday.


Over ONE BILLION viewers are expected to tune into the final season of “Game of Thrones” when it starts next week.

- This breaks the “Game of Thrones” record set the last time there was a food poisoning outbreak at Chipotle.


Burger King New Zealand has removed a controversial campaign after it was criticized for being "racist" for an ad that shows customers trying - and failing - to eat the new Asian Chicken sandwich with chopsticks.

- If using chopsticks to eat an ASIAN sandwich is considered racist… stick a fork in all of us, we’re done!


A D.C. journalist was locked out of his iPad for more than 25 million minutes – or nearly half a century – after his 3-year-old son tried to use it without the correct password.

- This is unbelievable! What kind of 3 year old DOESN’T KNOW HIS FATHER’S PASSWORD???


A study by the American Society for Biochemistry found that dogs can sniff out cancer with 97% accuracy.

- They say so can cats - with less accuracy … but good luck gettin’ ‘em to tell you about it.


Stormy Daniel’s ex-lawyer Michael Avenatti is facing 36 NEW CHARGES - that’s on top of the counts against him for allegedly trying to extort $20 Mil from Nike.

- Stormy announced that due to her “extensive legal experience” from her times in the courtroom, she’ll represent Avenatti as his attorney… but he has to pay her in singles.


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