The Big Game is coming up this Sunday afternoon, but my newest Grandson Brayden Alexander Johnson has proven he’s a champ when it comes to the passing game (gas that is!) He pooping, smiling, eating and sleeping up a storm! 

Speaking of the Super Bowl, in a recent survey, 15% of respondents said they’d miss the birth of their own child so they could watch the game. Hey… there ‘s an easy solution! Just tape the birth of your child and watch it later!!!

Last night at the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards, beating out George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, the Best Actor award went to French comic Jean Dujardin for his role in the black and white movie, “The Artist”. It was the greatest moment in French history since World War II, when the Americans, oh…excuse me, the French, liberated France. 

And this is the day in 1969, when the Beatles performed together for the last time on the roof of “Apple Records” for the filming of the movie “Let It Be”.  They were shut down by the cops because of noise complaints by a neighbor.  And yet 43 years later, Steven Tyler was actually ASKED to sing the National Anthem on live TV before the New England/Baltimore playoff game!

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