According to a Harris Poll of over 2600 US adults, football is now by far the most popular sport in America, and with 37% of the vote, the Super Bowl is the best major sporting event.  21% of those surveyed said they’d miss an important work responsibility to watch the Super Bowl, 21% would skip a close friends wedding, 19% would miss the funeral of a loved one and 15% said they would miss the birth of their own child to watch the big game. 

- Of course those were all women who said they’d even watch re-runs of “Hee Haw” if it got them out of going through labor. 

- My question is this… What kind of “close friend” would schedule their wedding for Super Bowl Sunday???

Ironically, 33% of respondents said they’ll watch the game primarily to see all the new commercials. 

- 19% of US citizens would skip their Grandma’s funeral to see what that crazy Geiko pig is up to.  (including Grandpa). 




- Why not combine the two… put a big screen tv behind the casket and serve your special “Six Feet-Under-Seven-Layer-Bean-Dip”!