I spent, along with what I imagine most of you did,  a good deal of the weekend watching the 9/11 memorials and specials on TV.  They were all moving and impactful but I thought the one last night on CBS from 8 to 10 was the most dramatic.  It was the only video shot inside the Trade Center just after the planes had hit.  It was taken by chance by two French filmmaking brothers who happened to be following a NYC Fire Engine Company located only 7 blocks from the Twin Towers. 

I know that al-Queda would have liked nothing better than to have mocked us by having another successful attack of some sort on the 10th anniversary, but undoubtably, because of our intensive defense preparations, they were unable to mount an attack.  

This is a never ending battle and we must continually keep our guard up.  Always remember, that if you see something… say something!  We’re all in this together.  


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