Jackie here...

Welcome to the weekend and a brand new Podcast...#106! We decided to fill our first fresh installment of the New Year with just about everything under the sun - with one minor exception: My Dad. 

Why isn't he here to kick off 2014 with us? You'll have to listen to find out! (Hint: it involves a a wedding dress, a jock strap, and a really bad barber). 

But fear not...one of our favorite guests, the always amusing Joe, story teller extraordinaire Noune, joins me for a fascinating (his word) conversation.

Case in point: Joe reveals two things he recently left at a gas station during a 20 below wind chill fill-up that has left him less of a man, but with a falsetto that would make the fat lady at the opera jealous. Plus, I'll tell you about an incredibly popular movie I saw over the holidays that I thought was so bad (as did my Dad), that we actually warned people waiting in line for the next showing to go see the Mary Poppins movie instead. 

And as hard as it is to believe, it's been 13 years this week since we lost our long time friend and Dad's long time radio show producer & comic genius, Gene Taylor, to an asthma attack. We share some great stories about Gene's wit, how he and Dad worked together like "Comedic Surgeons"...and how Gene loved to remind me (especially at public appearances) that he used to change my diapers. The really embarrassing part is...it's true! (Gene always did know how to "Pamper" the ladies"...)

So sit back, try to think about Dad's mustache (it's better than thinking about mine!) and warm up your ears with Podcast #106!