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Welcome to the weekend and a brand new Podcast (#108)! Dick (aka my Dad) is spending yet another week abroad. (At least this time he's not with that "broad" Dennis Rodman!) leaving me at the helm of Podcast Central. I tried to get a special guest for your listening entertainment, but alas, my first choice (George Clooney) and my second choice (any one of my five sisters) all turned me down. (Apparently George is busy on a movie set, and my sisters just aren't all that fond of me.)

That means for the first time in history...there's just one person on the Purtan Podcast today...and that person!

But worry not...without anyone to talk to, I keep it shorter than one of Miley Cyrus's skirts (if she actually wore one) at an Awards Show. 

I'll reveal what international "celebrity" Dad is spending the weekend with, offer exciting details of my recent bout with the flu (grab a tissue!) , and I'll tell you what my life has in common with Tiger Woods. (And no it's not that we both like to putter around the house).

So take off your ear muffs for a few minutes and warm up to Podcast #108! 

Have a great weekend and Dad and I will see you back here Monday with the regular blog!