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Welcome to Dick's latest Podcast (#98) -  featuring an encore visit from one of Dick's most popular (according to his wife) and entertaining guests, Tom Delisle.  

Today Dick challenges Tom and Jackie to a game of "Name That Tune"... with Dick providing the tunes on his very own xylophone.  (Okay it's not really the one in the picture - it's a tad more grown-up).   

The trio also talk about the then pro-athlete who had affair with Johnny Carson's 2nd wife as revealed in a new book by Johnny's attorney, why former Tiger Manager Jim Leyland mumbled all the time, and the technical reason that pro ball players spit so much. (Who needs cable news when you've got this Podcast???)

Plus, they'll tell you why newscasters (not Dick's daughter JoAnne, of course!) have begun using words like "Flippin'" and "Freakin'" on the air, plus the time Dick and his wife Gail made a horrible mistake by giving a video wedding gift that went "Freakin'" horribly wrong.  

So before you even think about carving your pumpkins, carve out a little time to check out Podcast #98!