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Today Dick, daughter Jackie, and special guest (and former "Purtan's Person") Tom Delisle, offer up Podcast #97. The only thing missing from today's "Podisode" is a discussion of the outcome of Game 5 against the Bosox. Why you ask? The game was just hours away from being played at the time of recording! But the trio does touch on a whole roster of other topics including Prince Fielder's astronomical "Per-Pitch" salary, Dick's latest exercise routine, and Jackie's burning desire for one of those Walk-In Bathtubs. (Don't ask!) In an effort to top that, Tom - who was friends with the Kennedy family - Yes, THAT Kennedy Family - shares some hard-to-beleive-but-true-stories about his times with "American Royalty" and confesses to stealing something very unusual from their Compound at Hyannis Port. So GO TIGERS!!!!! And GO TAKE A LISTEN TO PODCAST #97! 

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