Ever dreamed of winning an Oscar and or an Emmy and running up on stage to give your big acceptance speech? It actually happened to Dick (an Emmy, not an Oscar) Unfortunately he found out moments later that...well...it didn't exactly belong to him. Oops. (Too bad Kayne West hadn't been there to grab the mic and give credit to Beyonce!) In today's Podcast, Dick recounts that rather embarrassing story - along with the time he and a good friend celebrated a little too much at a University of Michigan Football Game and ended up trapped in the bathroom of his daughter Jackie's dorm. (Don't ask...He'll tell!) And somehow, Dick and his fellow Podcasters also manages to address some of today's most pressing issues, including how to get sympathy from your wife or girlfriend when you've been "over served", "Where in the World Is Jimmy Hoffa?" and who had/has the better body, Psycho star Janet Leigh or her daughter Jamie Lee Curtis? So sit back and prepare to be "Showered" with some fascinating stories!