As Dick and his daughter - fellow Podcaster Jackie - recorded this latest installment, the Detroit Tigers were in the middle of playing what turned out to be their final game against the Yankees - sending the Tigers to the World Series! Since they didn't know the outcome at the time, they turned to equally pressing issues such as Lindsay Lohan's endorsement of Mitt Romney and Lance Armstrong's new gig as one of the Seven Dwarves (and their not talking "Happy"!) Dick also welcomes some special guests to his dining room table - 3 of his 6 nephews, uh, grandsons - one 9 and the other two 11. The boys share their feelings on everything from "Honey Boo Boo" and Justin Bieber, to what it's like to "date" in elementary school. So put yourself in a "Time Out" and take a few minutes to listen in to Podcast #61.