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When a baby started crying during a campaign stop yesterday, Bernie Sanders looked over, pointed at the baby and said, “If we could keep that down a little bit?”

- Maybe he just needed a diaper change. And the baby did, too.


A Swedish Scientist told a TV interviewer that in order to combat Climate Change, humans will have to turn to Cannibalism… like the move “Soylent Green”.

- I can see it now… “Peanut Butter & Jerry” sandwiches with a side of “Frank & Beans”.


“College Gate” defendant Lori Loughlan’s marriage is reportedly on the rocks as she and her husband face up to 40 years in prison each.

- But they say they’re “committed to working things out” and have already paid thousands for another couple to attend marriage counseling for them.


This coming Monday, Jerry Springier returns to daytime TV… not as a talk show host but as a “People’s Court” style Judge.

- On the new show Jerry will throw the book at them instead of chairs.


A group of researchers from Seattle have created an artificial intelligence robot that was able to pass an 8th grade science test.

- They say eventually robots will be smarter than humans. For me, that day is today.


A video of a woman bringing a therapy horse onto an American Airlines flight has gone viral.

- Most people think the world has gone insane allowing things like therapy horses on planes - at least according to the latest Gallup poll.


A new exhibit at London’s Royal Academy Art Gallery forces visitors to squeeze between a naked man and a naked woman in order to enter. (True)

- They got the idea after going to last year’s Thanksgiving Dinner at Charlie Sheen’s house.


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Friday!