Scientists have discovered a gene mutation that allows some people to require only 4 hours of sleep a night - with no consequences of sleep deprivation.

- How do I get one of those mutations??


A panel of health experts believe that Dolly Parton’s breast implants are leaking and could cause her death.

- I wonder who tipped ‘em off?


A judge has ruled that a 62-year-old man named Peter Sloan - who claims he is William Shatner’s Love Child - CAN legally change his last name to Shatner.

- The judge said the man clearly “Had Shatner’s eyes… and Leonard Nimoy’s ears”.


Hoda Kotb has returned to the Today Show following her maternity leave.

- Hoda was home bottle feeding for three months. And she had to feed the baby, too.


Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez reportedly asked Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for relationship advice.

- Someone needs to explain to them that she’s not the Doctor Ruth they were looking for.


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