Pope Francis got stuck in a Vatican elevator on Sunday and had to be rescued by Firefighters.

- Not surprisingly, the elevator was “Going Up” went it broke down.


A Florida man told police he was vaping THC because he was preparing to meet up with Jesus.

- He should have just jumped on the Pope’s elevator.


According to new research, “Impatience” is on the rise… with the average person getting frustrated after waiting just 16 seconds for a web page to load and 25 seconds for a traffic light to change.

- On the bright side, I’m so impatient I can’t even Procrastinate anymore.


In an effort to alleviate the stress many people feel about how popular their posts are, Facebook is considering doing away with the “Like” button.

- Well I, for one, would give that a BIG THUMBS UP!!


A Royal Insider says that Queen Elizabeth has a soft spot for fast food and often gets take-out from a Fish and Chips restaurant when she’s in Scotland.

- And for dessert, she grabs a Peanut Buster Parfait from Dairy Queen.


Julie Andrews - star of “The Sound of Music” - received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Venice Film Festival over the weekend.

- She thanked the crowd, and said “This makes 16 awards I’ve gotten for this movie… going on 17”.

- Then she waved and added, “So long, Farewell… Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu”

- The ceremony was held High on a Hill with a Lonely Goatherd. (Did we jump the shark with this one??)


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