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Many thanks for the “Likes”, “Loves” and comments about the “Last Radio Reunion”! And for all of you who asked which jocks were in the pic, I’ve added the info!


After decades of denials, the U.S. Navy confirmed that 3 leaked videos DO show "unidentified aerial phenomena” - or what used to be called “UFOs”… calling them “Real” but “Unexplainable”.

- “Duh” said the Loch Ness Monster and his friend Big Foot.


On this day in 1851, The New York Times went on sale for two cents a copy.

- The headline that day “Millard Fillmore Elected to White House after Collusion with Russian Emperor Nicholas”.


A progressive political group that backed Bernie Sanders in 2016 is backing Elizabeth Warren this time around.

- Bernie said, “How could this happen??” and Elizabeth just said “How”.


The final installment in the “Rambo” series hits theaters on tomorrow.

- At 73, Sylvester Stallone has gone from “First Blood” to “Needs Blood”.


Support groups are popping up across the country to help people deal with the “anxiety” brought on by Climate Change… and how to work through it with breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, and stretching.

- Back in Buffalo, when the Climate Changed, we put on a coat & hat, went outside and built a snowman.


Prayers for Jeopardy host Alec Trebek who announced yesterday he is back in Chemotherapy for his Pancreatic Cancer - which he thought was in remission - took a turn for the worse.

R.I.P… Cokie Roberts who died yesterday at the age of 75 from complications of the breast cancer she fought for many years.

Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Thursday!