Rep. Eric Swalwell of California is dropping out of the Democratic primary after a three-month campaign that failed to gain traction.

- Leading people everywhere to ask: “Who’s Eric Salwell??”

- And just like that there are only 24 Democrats to choose from.


Whoopi Goldberg told an interviewer that she only dated because she felt she had to and never wanted to get married.

- “Neither did WE” said her three ex-husbands.


Justin Verlander says that the reason we’re seeing more homers on the field is because the MLB is “juicing the balls” turning baseball into “an f-ing joke”.

- Justin’s allegations are known in baseball circles as “The Sermon on the Mound”.


Kim Kardashian took to Instagram to post pics of her three year old son Saint’s “adorable cheeks!”.

- They’re just like Kim’s cheeks… except for the being on his face part.


A gender reveal party on Australia's Gold Coast took a dramatic turn when a car used to spew blue smoke caught on fire.

- Remember the good old days when a “Gender Reveal Party” consisted of you and your spouse glancing down to see what kind of parts your baby was born with?


AOC and her boyfriend spent part of the holiday weekend at the Hotel McKittrick in NYC where they attended a show described as “a mix of drag, burlesque, circus and vaudeville acts”.

- It was pretty much like being in Congress but with costumes.


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