A 100 year old man and a 102 year old woman got married after a whirlwind courtship at the Nursing Home they live in.

- Why the rush??


Politico is reporting that President Trump’s self-admitted “germaphobia” has gotten so bad that he makes everyone who comes into the Oval Office use hand sanitizer.

- As opposed to Bill Clinton who wanted Oval Office house visitors to use the Dry Cleaners.


Burger King is rolling out a new Burger in the U.K. made with fried cheese patties in place of meat.

- When it comes to watching your cholesterol, this is kind of a lateral move.


According to a survey, 52 percent of those polled said they give their dogs more kisses than their significant others — and 61 percent said they kiss their dogs on the mouth.

- Women blamed men for not being as affectionate as dogs, whereas the men - as usual - blamed it on the dog.


Mackenzie Bezos is the world’s 22nd richest person now that her divorce from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is final, and she’s reportedly received thousands of date offers from men on the internet.

- NOTE: Guys over 60 need not apply since Mackenzie is used to guys in their Prime.


Forbe’s Magazine announced that the highest paid celebrity in the world is… Taylor Swift… who brought in $180 Million last year.

- But Kanye West said “Beyonce still has the best bank account of all time!”


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