Jeff Bezos and his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez were spotted together having dinner at an NYC restaurant.

- His divorce left him down to only $1,050,000,000… So they went Dutch.


“Game of Thrones” is being mocked after someone accidentally left a Starbucks cup on a table during a scene in Sunday night’s episode.

- The actress who was sitting right next to the cup, and didn’t mention it, will probably be WORKING at a Starbucks next week.


Ticket prices for Bill and Hillary’s speaking tour have fallen more than 50% since the tour started last November with some seats selling for under 10 bucks.

- Why that’s just DEPLORABLE!!!


Tiger Woods cried when Prez Trump presented him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom yesterday.

- Trump cried too… but that was when Tiger refused to let him try on his Green Jacket.


According to a new poll, Joe Biden has a 32-point lead over his nearest competitor, Bernie Sanders.

- Joe said he can almost smell victory.


Piers Morgan called out Kim Kardashian for wearing what he called a giant pair of “Spanx” to the Met Gala in NY last night.

- Kim was going to wear a Thong, but she had trouble tying her bedsheets together.


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