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It’s Got a Scepter!!! Meghan and Harry had a BABY BOY this morning… but haven’t announced his name yet.

- I don’t care what they call him as long as they don’t raise him “Gender Neutral”. He needs to know whether he’s a Prince or a Princess.


Have you taken a “Belfie” yet??? It’s the new social media craze where you snap and post a pic of your butt from behind.

- Kim Kardashian sprained her arm trying to hold the camera far enough away to get everything in the picture.


Country Horse was declared the winner of a CRAZY Kentucky Derby when the original winner, Maximum Security was disqualified for improperly changing lanes.

- The horse’s jockey appealed the decision, but he came up short.

- If car drivers were disqualified for improper lane changes there wouldn’t be a single car on 696.


The White Wine industry is so outraged that smartphones have a Red Wine emoji but not one for white wine - they’re appealing to the “Emoji Board”.

- After the presentation, Board members will vote Yea or Chardo-Nay.


Madonna says that the reason people aren’t buying her new album is because they’re “punishing” her for turning 60.

- That and the songs are terrible.


There’s a new relationship trend, “Sologamy”, where people get married to themselves.

- Oh sure, it sounds like fun until you get to the Honeymoon part.


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Tuesday!