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Climate Change Activist AOC has predicted how the hit show “Game of Thrones” will end.

- It involves a Medieval ex-bartender who takes over the Kingdom by magically making Cows stop passing gas.


In what is being called the Greatest Comeback in Sports History… Tiger Woods surprised everyone when he came from behind to win the Masters.

- Meanwhile, caught up in the excitement of the day, Joe Biden surprised Tiger Woods when HE ALSO came from behind.


A Michigan man is suing his parents because they destroyed his porn collection - which he says was worth $30,000.

- At least the Dad TOLD the Mom that he’d destroyed it.

- His mom said it was probably too late to destroy it… since by this point her son is probably TOTALLY Blind anyway.


Cher tweeted that “Sanctuary City” LA can’t possibly take in any more illegal immigrants since “We can’t even take care of our own”.

- Trump says he can’t believe she said that with a straight face. Then again, with all the plastic surgery she’s had, Cher says EVERYTHING with a straight face.


The latest Hollywood beauty trend is wearing “Comando” brand underwear that can cost over $100 a pair that makes you look like you’re not wearing underwear.

- Ladies… why don’t you just do what some guys do… Don’t WEAR Commando, GO Commando! You’ll look like your not wearing underwear FOR FREE!!!


The Country is on pins and needles in anticipation of the Mueller Report which is set to be released Thursday.

- Wow. The Easter Bunny and the Mueller Report in the same week.


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Wednesday!