Despite not being an official candidate, according to a new poll Joe Biden is still the top Democatic contender with 32% support.

- Meanwhile Joe says his plans to enter the race are still “Touch and Go”.

- Joe was so excited to hear the news he said, “I just wanna go out and hug someone!”


The hot new fashion trend… Self-adhesive Bikinis made out of duct tape… has people wondering how bad it hurts to take it off.

- I think a more important question is: How do you pull your pants down when you’re running to the bathroom???


Scientists have released the first-ever image of a black hole.

- It’s 6 trillion miles away and filled with every sock I ever lost.


Bernie Sanders says that sales of a book he wrote that pushes for Socialism has made him a Millionaire… adding “If you write a best selling book YOU can be a Millionaire too”.

- And like all good Socialists, Bernie will be sharing the money with all of us. Yeah, right.


Prosecutors are now saying that Lori Laughlin and her husband - who refuse to plead guilty - could face two years in prison for their crimes in the college bribery scandal.

- Wait until Lori sees how much cash she has to fork over to get someone to go to the Hooscow for her.

- She may have paid to get her kid into college, but it looks like she’s got the qualifications to get into Prison all on her own.


Pollen levels in North Carolina are so high this week the skies over Durham actually turned yellow triggering allergy attacks.

- Oh sure some people think it’s funny when you sound all stuffed up, but it’s snot.


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