Alec Baldwin is toying with the idea of running for President and says that if he does throw his hat in the ring, "Beating Trump would be so easy. So easy. So easy."

- And if anyone knows about “beating” people, it’s Alec Baldwin.


About 20 Million people watched as Virginia won the NCAA Championship last night topping Texas Tech - the team that beat MSU. Virginia was in the finals because of a blown call in their Final Four Game against Auburn

- It seems like the only people NOT watching the March Madness Games were the Refs.


Anti-Trump CNN Anchor Don Lemon announced his engagement to his boyfriend Tim Malone.

- I wanna send him a gift… But what do get a guy who has everything except proof of Russian Collusion??


A new study by the University of Louisville found that eating raw garlic could keep Alzheimer’s away.

- Unfortunately it will keep all of your friends away too.


The Chinese Government has introduced a new smartphone app designed to teach young children about the benefits of Socialism.

- Here in the US kids don’t need an app… They can just follow Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Instagram.


Researchers in Florida captured a 17 foot long, 140 pound female python making it the biggest female snake ever seen.

- It’s already been signed as a co-host on “The View”.


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