A Michigan farmer discovered this “Ice Apple” hanging in his orchard this morning.

- No punchline… Just thought it was a cool picture!!


This Valentine’s Day Hooters is offering free boneless chicken wings to single people who bring in a picture of their ex.

- Chicken Wings? Wouldn’t Chicken BREASTS be more appropriate??


A newly released year-old video shows convicted Mexican drug lord El Chapo crying like a baby when he found out he would be tried in the U.S.

- It’s nothin compared to how he’s gonna cry during the “Spring Fling” at the Federal Prison.


A study in the JAMA Journal of Medicine found that eating “ultra-processed foods” like cookies will accelerate your risk of early death.

- On the bright side, if you eat “Thin Mints” you’ll look terrific at your funeral.


A group of Houston teenagers discovered a TIGER inside a vacant house after they went inside to smoke some weed. 

- Fortunately, they got out of the house before the Tiger got the munchies.


Amazon has released a documentary that claims to have discovered proof that the Noah’s Ark story in the Bible is true. 

- If you order it, just like Noah’s Ark, the film comes with Two DVDs and Two Videotapes.


Have a great day and I’ll see you back here Thursday!