Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the Richest Man in the World with a net worth of $140 Billion - is getting divorced after 25 years of marriage.

- Some divorces take years. Bezos will get his FREE in just two days… if he has Prime.


Turns out Bezos announced that he was getting divorced because pictures of him and his GIRLFRIEND were about to surface.

- He found his girlfriend while looking at a pic of his wife on Amazon. It said “If you like THAT… You may also be interested in THIS!”


Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are being roasted by both sides after their televised response to Prez Trumps Oval Office address on the Immigration issue.

- If you missed it, just remember your parents faces when you tried to sneak in the house after breaking curfew and crashing their car.


A new study of 6.8 BILLION people around the world found that Men are the victims of discrimination more often than Women are.

- True or not, the big question is How did they interview 6.8 BILLION people??? Was it a telephone survey or did they go door to door??


“Lonely George”, a Hawaiian tree snail who lived to the age of 14 and is the last known snail of his kind, has died.

- His grand-snails say he was a lot of fun and always encouraged them to come out of their shells.

- Fittingly, George the Snail died a slow death.


Critics say the hottest gadget at the Consumers Electronic Show in Las Vegas - is an “intelligent toilet” with ambient mood lighting, Amazon Alexa voice controls and built-in surround sound speakers.

- I was okay with this until I got to the “surround sound speakers” part.


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