A bear who couldn't bare the heat any longer was videoed lapping up a margarita and splashing around in an unheated hot tub in California last weekend.

- Clearly he is not your Average Bear. 

- The bear said he thought he was at his health club and apologized for making a "Boo-Boo". 


Lebron James has now boosted the LA Lakers’ odds of winning the NBA Title from 12-1 to 7-2. Experts say he gives the team "a whole new face".

- He's the Cher of Basketball. 


Thousands of online shoppers are threatening to boycott Walmart after finding out they were selling “Impeach 45” apparel on their website.

- Execs say they LIKE some of Trump's ideas, pointing to their array of "Make Triple X Stretch Pants Great Again!" baseball caps. 


A study by Texas State University found that posting your fitness accomplishments on social media can make others feel bad about themselves.

- Isn't making other people feel bad the reason most people post their fitness accomplishments on social media in the first place???


A transexual model - who was born a man but had surgery to become a woman - made history by beating out dozen of women to represent Spain in the Miss Universe Pageant. 

- He/She said she wouldn't have been able to "make the cut" if He/She hadn't "make that other cut" a few years back. 


A Norwegian Cruise Line crew member who fell overboard Saturday was miraculously found alive 22 hours later by a Carnival cruise ship.

- Wow. He survived 22 hours in the ocean only to get food poisoning on his first trip to the Carnival "I Heart Seafood Buffet". 


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