President Trump went after the co-host's of MSNBC's "Morning Joe" for trash talking him, referring to them as "Psycho Joe" and "Crazy Low IQ Mika".

- "Little Marco" Rubio, "Crooked Hillary" Clinton, and "Lyin' Ted" Cruz were unavailable for comment.

- I'm not sure if this story came out of the White House or Junior High School. 


Although he supported Hillary in 2016, Jeff Bridges says he now supports President Trump and hopes he "does well by our country". 

- To recap that story... Jeff Bridges will NEVER be cast in another Hollywood film again. Ever. 


A New York Man was arrested for watching Porn at a McDonald's.

- Now we know how the "Happy Meal" got it's name. 


Kris Jenner says she was with Nicole Brown Simpson when Nicole bought OJ the gloves he later wore when he killed her. 

- Meanwhile Caitlyn Jenner says she was shopping with OJ at the Commissary when The Juice bought the dress he'll wear to the prison's upcoming "Spring Formal". 


John McEnroe told PBS Serena Williams is the "Greatest FEMALE tennis player of All-Time" but added that if she played Men's tennis "she'd be like 700th". When Serena lashed out, he said her pregnancy has made her "Hysterical". 

- He can't be serious, man. He CANNOT BE SERIOUS! 


A 19 year old man is in police custody after selling 18 fake tickets to Disneyworld to a family of tourists. 

- Sounds like somebody just got himself a "Fast-Pass" to the Big House. 

- Living in a cell is going to give him a whole new meaning to "It's a Small World After all". 


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