Brad Pitt told GQ Magazine that his "heavy boozing" is what led Angelina Jolie to file for Divorce last August. 

- Apparently he spent too much time trying to "Drink Angelina Pretty". 


Speaking of "The Blame Game"... 

Hillary Clinton blamed FBI Director James Comey for her election's loss, while Trump believes  Comey ultimately freed her from prosecution.  

- In "Monopoly" terms... Hillary thinks Comey blocked her from getting a house on Pennsylvania Avenue, and Trump thinks he gave her a "Get Out of Jail Free" card. 


Stephen Colbert opened his Monday night show with a vulgar 12-minute rant against President Trump... which pundits say upped what they call the "War" between Trump and CBS. 

-  That would explain the U.S. Nuclear Aircraft Carrier outside the front door of the CBS building this morning.  


A new survey found that interns at Facebook make an average of $8000 a month... or $96,000 a year. 

- Plus a copy of Mother Zuckerberg's famous Meatloaf recipe. 


An FBI translator married a key ISIS terrorist after flying to Syria in 2014 to investigate him. 

- The lovebirds have a lot in common, saying they both have short fuses and their favorite show is "The Big Bang Theory". 


According to a new book, Barack Obama asked another woman to marry him before meeting Michelle, and actually dated both women at the same time for about a year. 

- Apparently under Obamacare, "If you liked your old girlfriend... you could keep your old girlfriend". 


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