It's official! MSNBC's "Morning Joe" co-hosts, Republican Joe Scarborough and Democrat Mika Brzezinski, are engaged to be married. 

- If Bill O'Reilly had just Proposed to the women who are suing him, he could have claimed "Spousal Privilege".


Buckingham Palace announced that Queen Elizabeth's husband, 95 year old Prince Phillip, will stop attending official Royal functions in the fall. 

- I guess it's time for us to wave him goodbye. But for the first time in 70 years, he won't wave back. 

- He'll probably spend his retirement sitting around the Palace in his underwear eating Crumpets and ordering stuff online.  


A man in Oregon was arrested for trying to have sex with a Chicken. 

- He told the police he was "just kidding"... but cops said his "joke laid an egg". 

- Now we know why the chicken crossed the road. To get away from this whack job. 


McDonald's unveiled a new utensil called the Frock, which is designed to pick up toppings that fall off your burger. 

- What? You can't do the same thing with a Spork? 


A new Harris Poll found that more people are stressed and tense because of Political talk at work, than before the Election, by a margin of 26% to 17%. 

- And that's just at the White House. 


In his new book about Barack Obama, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist David Garrow, says Obama did a lot of Cocaine is his 20's and "flirted" with the idea of being Gay.  

- We've come a long way since Bill Clinton "Didn't Inhale". 


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