The Michigan Senate has approved a bill that would allow dogs to accompany their owners on restaurant patios - but any "accidents" would have to be cleaned up immediately. 

- This gives a whole new meaning to "I know this great little Spot for pasta". 


After meeting with the Pope Wednesday, Melania Trump announced that she is a practicing Roman Catholic... making her the first Catholic to live in the White House since John & Jackie Kennedy. 

- As opposed to Bill Clinton who was the first person since the Kennedy's to have a "youngster" hiding under his desk. 


A Republican Candidate in Montana was witnessed body slamming a reporter who pressed him about healthcare during an interview yesterday. 

- The candidates spokesman said he hurt the reporter in order to show what great healthcare he would receive. 


Cuba is opening it's first luxury hotel this week. 

- Just look for the sign reading "We're Still Communist-Red Roof Inn".


New documents reveal that President Obama allowed 16 illegal teenage members of the infamous MS-13 gang into the country and placed them in group homes across the U.S. 

- But in his defense, Michelle did make sure they had to eat Kale with every meal. 


An official in Sweden has introduced a proposal that would allow workers to go home for an hour once a week in order to have sex. 

- Which is great because an hour leaves men 58 minutes to drive home and back to work. 


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