Jimmy Buffett announced that he's opening a $1 Billion retirement community in Daytona Beach, Florida. 

- He's calling it "Margarita-With-Metamucil-Ville". 


The biggest Wikileaks document dump so far claims the CIA can hack into our Smartphones and even TV's to eves drop on what we're saying, doing, and watching. 

- I don't mind that the Government knows I watch "Jeopardy"... but it ticks me off that they know I only get about 10% of the questions right. 


Woman across America are being encouraged to strike by staying home from work today and wearing Red to show solidarity during  "A Day Without Women".

- So today, for the first time in history, absolutely Nothing Will Happen In Vegas That Needs to Stay in Vegas.  


The U.S. added a whopping 300,000 jobs in the month of February. 

- On the down side, most  of them are categorized as "Professional Unpaid Anti-Trump Protestors". 


A YouGov survey found that 94% of Americans know what a "selfie" is.  

- And the other 6% think it's something that will make you go blind. 


An Oregon State University study found that people are more productive at work if they've had sex the night before. 

- In a related story, Bill Clinton was just named "The Most Productive President in American History". 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!