Despite a fierce appearance and violent reputation, scientists now claim that T-Rex Dinosaurs were actually "sensitive lovers" who used their noses to touch their mates during foreplay. 

- They say no such evidence exists of other Dinosaurs, including Larry King, being that romantic. 


New York Magazine is reporting that three separate sources claim that after listening to President Trump's Inaugural Address, former Prez George W. Bush muttered, "That was some weird S----!"

- This is what happens when you hire Kanye West to write your speech. 


Fox News is being criticized for reporting "Breaking News" that President Trump was working at the White House last weekend instead of golfing. 

- Meanwhile, MSNBC is being criticized for reporting "Breaking News" that Trump was actually working out of the Kremlin before playing 18 holes at "Putin's Putt Putt Emporium".  


Police in an Alabama town were surprised when a handgun fell... well from where the sun don't shine... during a cavity search of a man arrested for public intoxication. 

- He's lucky the only shots he took were from a bottle of Jack Daniels. 

- This once happened to Kim Kardashian... but the gun was an AK47. 


A new study finds that just two hours spent on Social Media like Facebook and Twitter doubles a person's risk of feeling socially isolated. 

- Trump agreed and immediately Tweeted, "SAD". 

- On the bright side, you can get some great recipes for Slow-Cooker Pig's Feet Parmesan. 


A suit worn by John Lennon in 1964 is hitting the auction block with bidding set to begin at $50,000. 

- Paul says it was one of his favorites and that he wore it "Here, There, and Everywhere". 


A scientist in India says he has invented the first male contraceptive in 100 years... a reversible injection that renders sperm inactive. 

- The last time a swimmer was rendered inactive was when Ryan Lochte made up that "I was robbed at gunpoint" story at the Rio Olympics.


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