Play Ball! The Tiger's kick off the 2017 season when they face White Sox in Chicago this afternoon... but heavy rains may delay the game... which can only mean one thing: Your first chance this year to watch reruns of the '68 and/or '84 Tiger World Series Championship Games! 


President Trump says that if China won't step in and stop the North Korean Nuke Program, "We will". 

- Apparently he's not satisfied with China's plan to win KJU over with promises of "delicious chicken with Chef's special sauce!"

- Trump sent out a tweet calling the Chinese government "Almond Boneless and Spineless Chickens!"


Joe Louis Arena made international news over the weekend, after comedian Mike Epps brought a live Kangaroo on stage during his show, outraging animal activists. But "Skippy" got the last laugh by punching Epps in the face. 

- Epps later apologized and treated Skippy to dinner at the Outback Steakhouse. 

- I thought kangaroos only showed up at Hip-Hop shows. 


Social Media went crazy claiming that Kim Kardashian was "attacked" by a man outside a restaurant in L.A. But Kim tweeted that the man had simply walked into a nearby "Parking Meater" by accident.  

- Yes... "Parking Meater". It seems Kim's lack of talent extends to spelling. 


Happy Birthday to Doris Day who was supposed to be turning 93 today... but the recent discovery of a copy of her Birth Certificate proved that she's actually 95. 

- Doris said, "Que Sera, Sera. However Old You'll Be, You'll Be". 


A small study shows that drinking a cup of coffee 5 minutes before you take a 15 minute nap will make you feel more alert when you wake up. 

- Also during the 15 minutes you're lying there unable to fall asleep. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Tuesday!