A new book called "The Bandstand Diaries" claims that most dancers on "American Bandstand" were gay, but Dick Clark kept it a secret because he thought it would hurt ratings. 

- As proof, producers say there were more hair styling products in the boys dressing room than the girls.  


Trump aide Kellyanne Conway is taking major heat for saying the Democrats could have turned "microwaves into cameras" in Trump Tower to spy on her boss during the election. 

- And to think I can't even keep the clock on my microwave from blinking 12:00. 

- They also allegedly used the microwave to spy on Chris Christie, but he used it so much to reheat burritos, all the pictures were blurry. 


A man in Maryland has created a snowplow using a motor, a snow-blower and a toilet - which he says works great up to 6 inches. 

- For 5 extra bucks, he'll even sign his work by writing his name in the snow. 


The Kremlin has called a CNN documentary that claimed the Russians hacked into our election to insure a Trump victory "Hysterical". 

- And if anybody knows "funny", it's the people who brought us the KGB, The Berlin Wall and the Cold War. 


The huge Nor'Eastern that was supposed to dump up to two feet of snow on DC turned out to be a bust. 

- However DC, as usual, is covered by two feet of Bull. 


The body of Kim Jong Un's murdered brother has been embalmed in Malaysia because relatives in North Korea are too afraid to claim it for fear they'll be killed too. 

- If the press airs any more of KJL's dirty laundry, he's gonna have to head to the J.C. Penny Boy's Department for some new clothes. 

- KJU reminds me of John Boy Walton... except after saying goodnight to everybody, he has 'em whacked. 


A new study found that the best way to battle depression is to stay away from negative thoughts. 

- Put another way: Deactivate your Facebook account. 


The National Enquirer is reporting that Marilyn Monroe once had a one-night-stand with actress Joan Crawford that ended in an epic feud. 

- Apparently Joan got mad when Marilyn broke it off saying,  "Gentlewomen Prefer Blondes". 


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