Willie Nelson has cancelled three recent concerts due to health concerns. 

- Apparently he's suffering from Joint pain. 

- Doctors are Weeding through his symptoms to come up with a diagnosis. 


An Etiquette expert says that posting pictures of what you're having for dinner and putting up romantic relationship milestones make you look "common" in the social media world. 

- Fortunately, it's still okay to put up pics of your cat wearing a Donald Trump wig. 


Leaks from the White House claim that President Trump called and woke up a Military Advisor for economic advice in the middle of the night. 

- He should have called Hillary. She said she'd always be ready to take a call at 3am.  


Scientists claim that listening to your favorite song releases the same "feel good" chemicals in your system that having sex does. 

- This finally explains why some people feel randy when they hear "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald". 


A study out of Finland found that pregnant women who eat black licorice give birth to babies with lower IQ's. 

- And expecting women who eat Snickers give birth to kids with a better sense of humor. 


A new app called Data-Dress would allow a fashion company to access the info on your phone and use it to design a dress based on how you live your life. 

- The best part is they'll have access to your financial info so they'll know how much to charge you. 


The man who is the current favorite to become the next President of France is being accused of having a affair with a Man, despite being married to a Woman for ten years. 

- They don't call it "Gay Paree" for nothing. 


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