Tim Horton's is now selling a Buffalo Spice Latte that's made with Espresso and Wing Sauce. 

- It's a great way to wash down their Boneless Chicken Donuts. 


The FBI has confirmed that former director James Comey drafted a letter exonerating Hillary Clinton in the email scandal months before dozens of witnesses - including Hillary - had even testified. 

- The technical term for Comey's actions is "Premature Exoneration". 


Party City is under fire for selling a Halloween Costume that represents Prez Trump's Mexican "Border Wall". 

- On the bright side, the costume is FREE! Trump vows that Mexico will pay for it! 


An elementary school in Boston has canceled the annual Halloween Costume Parade because it's "Not inclusive of all students" and "Politically Incorrect".  

- How can a parade, where you get to dress up like ANYBODY, NOT be inclusive??? 

- Why can't they just be honest and admit the teachers are afraid of clowns? 


A thief posing as a bike messenger stole $58,000 from an Apple Store in New York City. 

- When he gets out of the slammer, he's already got a job waiting for him at the "Genius Bar". 


A new study shows that men who exercise more than 7.5 hours a week actually INCREASE their risk of dying from heart disease. 

- If this is true, Michael Moore is gonna live forever. 


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