In the wake of the sexual harassment scandal, The Weinstein Company is considering a name change after pink-slipping founder Harvey Weinstein. 

- They're going to go with something with less "seedy" like "The Anthony Weiner Company". 


Angelina Jolie and Gweneth Paltrow have joined the growing list of women who claim they received unwanted sexual advances from Hollywood mogul. 

- Who's next? Caitlyn Jenner? 


Meanwhile, as Harvey heads to Europe for "Sex Rehab" his wife of 10 years announced that she's leaving him. 

- Wow. A guy has a few thousand criminal indiscretions and his wife bails on him. 


Linsday Lohan posted a bizarre Instagram video in which, speaking in an Irish accent, she says Harvey Weinstein is "being treated unfairly". 

- I think it's safe to say Linsday is back on the sauce. 


Trump responded to reports that Sec. of State Tillerson called him a "Moron" by suggesting the two of them take an IQ test, adding... "And I can tell you whose gonna win." 

- He then tweeted "I know I is smart cuz my third grade teacher said I wuz. Covfefe!!!"


Ivana Trump, Donald's First wife said in an interview that when her kids were little, the ONLY person she felt comfortable leaving them alone with was... Michael Jackson. 

- I'm thinking maybe Ivana should be the one to take the IQ test. 


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