RIP... Mary Tyler Moore. The girl "who could turn the world on with her smile" died yesterday at the age of 80. "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" was a shining part of a long-gone era. A time when we had more in common with each other than not, simply because we had fewer choices.

With just Three TV Channels (plus UHF, of course) chances were good that most of us watched the same shows. And there were good ones...Really good ones. The CBS Saturday night line-up, for example. In order, from 8pm through 11pm was: "All in the Family", "M*A*S*H", "The Mary Tyler Moore Show", "Bob Newhart", and "The Carol Burnett Show". Talk about a power packed night of television! 

And anchoring, right in the middle of the line up, MTM... Who can forget Lou Grant, Ted Baxter, Rhoda, and Sue Anne Nivens? Not to mention Chuckles the Clown... "A little song, a little dance... a little seltzer down your pants".  They gave us something to talk about with our friends and co-workers the next day. We had their classic lines and stories in common. 

Mary, her show, and the time in our lives that it embodied were simply put, Extraordinary. And I miss them all.


The President of Mexico said in a speech that there is no way Mexico will pay for President Trump's Wall. 

- Trump immediately Tweeted: "20% down and the balance when the Wall is finished!"  #AyCaramba


Trump will meet with the Prime Minister of England, Theresa May, on Friday at the White House. 

- Trump staffers say he's looking forward to the meeting, but would have preferred that the U.K. send Kate Middleton over for the get-together. 


Scientists at NASA say an asteroid-like object will come within 32 million miles of Earth in February, but a Russian Astronomer claims it will hit the earth on the 16th, causing a giant, dangerous Tsunami. 

- Democrats were quick to point out that we just had a giant, dangerous Tsunami on November 8th. 


Ivanka Trump posted a video of her ten month old son Theodore on Instagram crawling for the first time - on the carpet at the White House no less. 

- It's not the first time someone's been on their knees in the White House. I mean who can forget those great photos of JFK Jr. under his Dad's desk? 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Friday!