Welcome to Podcast #211... our first of 2017, and our first (hopefully) without the glitches we had at the end of 2016. Today Jackie and I get back behind the mics to talk about the passing of Mary Tyler Moore... and how despite her incredible television career, she felt like more of a failure than a success. 

We also talk about Ted Knight who played the buffoon-newsman "Ted Baxter" on Mary's Show and how our broadcast careers crossed paths. 

Somehow we end up talking about a rather dangerous microscopic creature in the Amazon River that might give men pause if they decide to go swimming there. (Hint: You'll need a cast iron Speedo)

And most important of all... I give you the details of the upcoming Annual Salvation Army Bed & Bread Club Radiothon on Friday, February 24th on WJR AM 760! It will be our 30th Annual!!

It's all in Podcast #211... and it's up right now @dickpurtan.com! 


P.S. I'm off to serve meals off one of the Bed & Bread Trucks. More on that tomorrow!