Patriots' QB Tom Brady is being mocked online for sporting what some people are calling a "Megyn Kelly" haircut. 

- Personally I like it... unlike his footballs, his hair has a lot of volume.


Donald Trump doubled down on his plan to build "A Wall" during his Immigration speech last night... just hours after traveling to Mexico to meet with President Nieto. 

- The Mexican President hasn't agreed to pay for the wall, but might as long as it will keep Trump from ever entering Mexico again. 


New emails show that Hillary Clinton continued to email classified information on her private email server AFTER she stepped down as Secretary of State. 

- Democrats say that demonstrates the kind of Consistency we need in our next President. 


Ryan Lochte is now endorsing a hand-held alarm called Robocopp. In the ads he says "I've been traveling a lot lately. We all like to have fun, but it's a good idea to stay safe. Robocopp can get you out of a bad situation."

- And lying about a bad situation can land you an endorsement deal with Robocopp. 


A small digital video camera was found in the women's bathroom of a Jeep Dealership in White Lake Township.   

- Usually you expect to find the rear-view camera in the CAR... Not in the DEALERSHIP.

- A woman discovered the camera when she sat too far back and the camera started beeping. 

- His boss said whoever put it there just flushed his future at the dealership goodbye. 


CBS is developing a scripted TV series call "Her Honor" based on the life of Judge Judy. 

- Meanwhile NBC is working on a series called "Law & Order: DNA" based on the life of Maury Povich. 


The body of the alleged clairvoyant who gained fame when he accurately predicted the death of Michael Jackson was found murdered in his office. 

- Police are asking anyone who can talk to the dead to contact the clairvoyant and ask him who they should arrest. 


A multi-million dollar Unmanned rocket exploded on the launch pad at Cape Canaveral in Florida this morning... sending black smoke billowing into the air.

- Thousands of Floridians cheered, thinking that their Condo Association had elected a new President. 


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