Northbound I-275 has reopened...ahead of schedule!

- Which means starting this afternoon, commuters will most likely be stuck in rush hour traffic on brand-spanking new lanes!


Donald Trump will deliver a major speech on Immigration tonight, but first he'll fly south of the border to meet with Mexican President Enrique Nieto. 

- Trump is going to try to steal President Nieto's wallet to get a cash down payment for "The Wall". 


Singer Chris Brown has been arrested...again...after a woman accused him of pointing a gun at her during a jewelry party at his home. 

- The gun pointing doesn't surprise me... but Brown never really struck me a a "Jewelry Party" kind of guy.


Professors teaching an Environmental class at the University of Colorado emailed students telling them that if they question the validity of "climate change", they should drop out of the class... and that no dissenting opinions will be allowed. 

- That's what college should be... a free exchange of ideas. As long as they're the Professors' ideas. 

- When I was a student at Syracuse, the only "Climate Change" we noticed was a gust of wind when  a Frisbee flew over our heads. 


Mike Tyson is being accused of stealing an Ice Cream Bar at the U.S. Open tennis tournament. 

- They must have been out of Elephant Ears.


The hot new trend in the perfume and cologne industry is Unisex Scents... Fragrances that work on both a man or a woman. 

- They got the idea when Bruce Jenner got fake boobs, but kept using his same old aftershave. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!