The head of the FBI, James Comey, announced this morning that they are recommending to the Justice Department that Hillary Clinton NOT be indicted over the use of her personal server - but accused her of being "extremely careless" with classified information contained in her emails on that personal server.  

- Hillary immediately gave a shout out to the FBI... and only charged them $10,000 for the mention. 


PBS is taking heat for broadcasting footage of last year's fireworks during last night's "LIVE" show, "A Capitol 4th". They claim it's because it was cloudy last night and the real fireworks didn't look that good. 

- To make it up to angry viewers, they're offering "The Best of Joan Baez" - a 2 CD Set - for a donation of just $400!


25 people were taken to the hospital for intoxication at a Kenny Chesney concert in Pittsburgh.

- Only 25??? 

- There's a country song in there somewhere.


A Neo-Nazi group held a "Miss Hitler" pageant in Scotland on Monday. 

- Despite having hundreds of contestants, not one of the girls was voted "Miss Congeniality".

- I had no idea women could Goose Step in high heels. Or as they called them, "Heil Heels". 


Charlie Sheen has sold his Mulholland Estate for $5.4 Million. 

- He got 100 Grand for the house... and the rest for all the Cocaine on his coffee table. 


A Colorado Mom is all over TV, complaining that the Boy Scout Camp her son attended was not only sponsored by Hooters, but "Hooters Girls" volunteered at the camp. 

- Guess who's not getting a "Best Mom In The World" coffee mug for Christmas this year? 

- Every Scout at the camp earned their First Aid Badge by attempting to perform CPR on one of the volunteers. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Wednesday!