Huge news... Pillsbury has released a new line of Girl Scout Cookie baking mixes. 

- So now you can enjoy the taste of Thin Mints without having to buy 15 boxes from your neighbor who's trying to help her kid win the "I Sold More Cookie's Than Anyone Else In My Troop" Badge. 

- The Girl Scouts admit they stole the "baking mix" idea from the Brownies. 


Bank of America customers will no longer be using PIN codes for their banking transactions, but will use their fingerprint instead. 

- It's a good move because it's so much harder to forget your fingerprint when you're at the ATM. 


Apple is opening its first retail store in India. 

- So if the customers need tech support they can just call themselves. 


House Republicans unveiled their official plan to replace Obamacare. 

- They're calling it "ObamaDidn'tCare". 


North Korea test fired two midrange ballistic missiles Wednesday that travelled far enough to put US bases in the Pacific in danger in the future. 

- Kim Jong Un is so much more likable when he's just whacking his relatives.


Starbucks is being sued in a class action lawsuit that accuses them of under-filling lattes by 25% to save money on milk. 

- Luckily, they'll be able to pay any settlement with all the money they already make overcharging customers for regular black coffee. 


A major new study found that women who snore a lot are 200% more likely to develop heart disease. 

- And they're 500% more likely to have their husbands make them sleep in the guest room. 


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