The picture above is the latest "Optical Illusion" to go viral on the internet. Some people see a lake, others see a wall. 

- FYI... if you see a wall, you're probably a Trump supporter.


Speaking of The Donald...political experts say he's going to promote his wife Melania as "a modern day Jackie O". 

- And with his history with women, Hillary will promote her husband Bill as "a modern day John Kennedy". 


The facade of Little Caesars new headquarters in downtown Detroit will be made up of 14 foot tall pieces of glass shaped like pieces of pizza. 

- It will be the first "Building! Building!" of it's kind. 


Police raided several of Gladys Knight's Chicken and Waffles restaurants, and an arrest warrant has been issued for her son who they believe stole $1 Million in profits. 

- Officials say he was last seen boarding a Midnight Train to Georgia. Woo Hoo! 

- Turns out Gladys' son is a real Pip.

- Gladys says that despite stealing the cash, her son is still "The best thing...that ever happened to me". 


A survey found that over 5 million Selfies were posted on social media yesterday in honor of "National Selfie Day". 

- Or as Kim Kardashian calls it, "Tuesday". 

- I just can't picture myself doing something like that. 


China kicked off it's annual and extremely controversial "Dog Eating Festival" yesterday. 

- Menu items include: "Sweet & Sour Schnauzer", "Moo Shu Bark" and "Almond Boneless Rover". 

- PETA has launched a petition to stop the festival...calling it their Pet Project. 


Have a great day and I'll see you back here Thursday!